The One Where My Best Friend Coerces Me into Blogging

So this is my first blog post ever.

Kind of. I actually didn’t write it.

But I did take this picture!

Since moving to France, my friends have been begging for a blog. And by begging, I mean that one time, one person thought it might be a good idea. But spontaneously moving to a foreign country has taught me that there are simply not enough hours in a day to blog. Even in France [obvious science fact #1: there are 24 hours a day in every time zone]. Since I unceremoniously poo-poo’ed the blogging idea, my friend Jessica decided she would do it for me.

This first post is her attempt to coerce me into creating (and hopefully maintaining) a blog about my life here in France:

Bonjour Plebeian Yankees,

I have decided to uproot my life and move to France for eight months to pursue my true passion: Researching baboon sex. Oh, you didn’t know that was my secret dream? Hmm… Weird that never came up around the dinner table.

Anywhoo, I am having the time of my life here! I was recently living as one with the baboons, but just moved into an adorable (and ancient) little apartment in my french hamlet Rousset. I am enjoying meeting cute Frenchmen, drinking wine (because who needs real food?), herding kittens, training primates, speaking broken French, and learning to drive stick shift (which is currently just as bad as my french).

This was supposed to be a REAL blog, but I’m too busy being French to keep up with it. Therefore, this will be both my first and last post! See you in seven months!

Au Revouir


Fine. I guess I will blog.